Patient's Comments :
  1. I was suffering from severe pain in my knee and even normal walking became an huge burden for me. Met doctor A.N.Mukherjee at most appropriate time and thanks God became almost fully cure under his treatment.I don't know how to thank him for giving me back my normal life again. - Mrs. Agamoni Chatterjee

  2. My sudden bone fracture disappointed me to the point of losing hope to be ever fully cured. But Dr. Mukherjee's able treatment gave me my confidence again. - Mr.Trishit Sen

  3. When I was having unbearable shoulder pain and couldnot figure out exactly what to do, Dr.A.N.Mukherjee suggested to go for shoulder replacement. I was not even aware that this type of mordern treatment is available here in Kolkata itself. Thank you Dr. Mukherjee to give my normal life again.God bless you - Mr.Anupam Sanyal

  4. My hip pain almost reached its peak and didn't allow me to even sit life became miserable. Its almost doctors Mukherjee's midas touch to suggest me to go for hip replacement and now I am back to my self again. - Mr. Sumit Bansal

  5. My mother was suffering from acute osteoporosis. We decided why to go to other places when Dr. A.N. Mukherjee is available in kolkata. And our desicion was right. My mothers osteoporosis is now in full control. Thank you Dr. Mukherjee for making my mother as jolly as her earlier days. - Mrs. Sayantani Das

  6. I am a sports freak since my childhood. When my legament broke all of a sudden during and encounter, I thought this is the end of the world. But Dr. Mukherjee appear to be God to not only curing me out of my trauma, at the same time making me feel better ever. It could not have been possible without you, Doctor. I'm grateful - Mr. Aminul Haque.
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