Video Gallery :
  Joint Replacement :
Uncemented Hip Replacement
  Follow up case at
Total Elbow Replacement
Early Evaluation of
Mukherjee's Shoulders
Follow up case Mukherjee's Shoulder Replacement in bone Tumor  
  Total Knee Replacement :
Knee before surgery 7 day after bilateral hip replacement
5 Day after knee replacement
  My Effort :
14 Days follow up Ankle fracture by Micro Surgery Fracture both bone fore arm followup Fracture wrist treated by Plaster
Jess in wrist fracture Follow up of inter locking nail in
fracture Femur
Follow up case of Hip Replacement & Supercondition Fracture
Follow up case of fracture tibia treated by interlocking nail   Follow up Mukherjee's Shoulder
replacement in fracture
  Others :
Very early Evaluation of Mukherjee's Shoulders   Radiological Evaluation of Mukherjee's Shoulders
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